Mayor Chris Goertzen

Chris Goertzen became the eighth mayor of Steinbach when he was elected on October 25th, 2006 and is currently serving his third term as Mayor. As a member of Council, he has been a champion of Steinbach and its vital role in the southeast region. Mayor Goertzen emphasizes a vision for Steinbach that is based on proactive leadership in the following areas: (1) planning for Steinbach's long-term growth, (2) building on Steinbach's strong foundation of values and fiscal responsibility, and (3) engaging the vitality of Steinbach's youth. 

Mayor Goertzen's political career began in 2002 when he was first elected as a Councillor for the City of Steinbach. During his term as Councillor, he was the chairperson of the Land Use and Permits Committee and played a key role in having the City of Steinbach join the regional Conservation District. He also served on the Library Board and was a representative on the Operations Committee. 

In his current role, Mayor Goertzen serves as the Chair of Council as well as the Chair of the Strategic Priorities Committee for the City of Steinbach as well as the Chairperson of the Steinbach Regional Leaders Committee.  In addition, Mayor Goertzen is also the President of the Steinbach Community Development Corporation and President of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities where he has held roles as the Chairperson of the Administration Committee and Chair of the Municipal Policy Committee. Most recently, Mayor Goertzen was elected to the executive of FCM to represent Canada's 18 provincial and territorial municipal associations. These official roles are supplemented by a lengthy history of community service through his involvement with organizations such as the Steinbach Arts Council, Ten Thousand Villages and various church committees. 

Born on August 13th, 1974 in Steinbach, Mayor Goertzen is the youngest of five children as well as the youngest Mayor of Steinbach since its incorporation. From a young age, Mayor Goertzen was surrounded by people involved in the community. His father, a municipal councillor for 30 years, was also very involved in a wide range of community groups thus influencing his children to also participate in society-building causes. 

After graduating from the Steinbach Regional Secondary School in 1992, he moved to Montreal where he studied at the University of Montreal. This experience allowed Mayor Goertzen to broaden his view of Canadian culture as well as improve his French language skills before returning to Steinbach in 1997. It was then that he and his brother Robert, developed a new independent business in his hometown. Main Bread and Butter was opened in November 1997. This specialty grocery store and cafe has risen to become a successful home-grown operation and a favourite among the citizens of Steinbach. 

Mayor Goertzen successfully balances his busy political life with his store ownership and personal commitment to his wife, Annalee Schellenberg and their children, Otto and Naomi. When time for retrospection and rest is called for, he can be found walking among his trees on a small parcel of land just outside of Steinbach or fishing in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. 

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