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The City of Steinbach is a growing regional center that serves more than 50,000 people in Southeastern Manitoba. The third largest in the province, our city prides itself on policies and procedures that support growth and development. We cultivate an environment that promotes an entrepreneurial spirit and sets the foundation for plans and dreams to become reality.

Experienced with an Open Door Policy
Our Engineering Staff has more than 50 years of combined experience and our Certified Building Inspectors all have first-hand experience in the construction industry. They welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and ensure you have the right information to take it to completion.

Average processing time for all building permits is less than a week and inspection requests are usually completed same day or within 24 hours.

Planning for Future
On January 1, 2018 the annexation of approximately 2,800 acres of land from the R.M. of Hanover to City of Steinbach was official. The City of Steinbach has an Official Community Plan, which is a visionary document developed through open consultation between the City of Steinbach Council and the City’s residents and businesses. It is a plan to further the growth of the community while fostering its image as a safe, affordable, friendly, prosperous community.

Solid Infrastructure
Investment into infrastructure has always been and will remain a priority for Steinbach. The City has an official renewal program that works on a continual cycle to ensure funds are available to maintain existing infrastructure and support new infrastructure projects.

Since 2013, the City has invested more than $34M in total infrastructure, including new and upgrading of roads, water and sewer systems, pathways, and drains.

Other Advantages
The City’s Solid Waste Department offers reasonable bin rentals for large and small construction projects as well as landfill agreements to dispose of construction waste.

Area Available for Development 

M1 - Light Industrial204 Acres
M2 - Heavy Industrial70 Acres
C2 - Central Commercial27 Acres
C3 - Highway Commercial123 Acres
C4 - Strip Commercial60 Acres
C5 - Commercial Regional Shopping Centre60 Acres


Building Permits and Housing Starts 

YearBuilding PermitsValueNew single & two family unitsNew multi-family units

Steinbach Community Development Corporation

The Steinbach Community Development Corporation was incorporated in 1985 as a business entity.  The SCDC is a non-profit company owned by the City of Steinbach with a mandate to foster the economic development of the city of Steinbach, and to encourage the growth of businesses within the city.

The Board of Directors of the SCDC serve as volunteers and are appointed by the City of Steinbach Council.  The SCDC has the ability to:

  • acquire land 
  • enter into agreements for cooperative relationships 
  • assist the City in planning and development of business enterprises 
  • deal with companies including site selection and infrastructure 
  • play a liaison role with provincial and federal agencies 
  • communicate the strengths of the community to companies located elsewhere 

Businesses choose to locate to a particular city because it “feels right” to them.  They believe the community provides a high quality of life and that the workforce is vibrant and committed.  The SCDC feels that the best opportunity to promote the Steinbach’s distinct advantages in this regard is through networking and fostering good old-fashioned relationships. 

Currently, the Corporation holds approximately 600 acres in a land bank for future long term business activity and expansions, and is actively marketing land in the Steinbach Industrial Park. 

For more information:
Steinbach Community Development Corporation
225 Reimer Avenue
Steinbach, MB  R5G 2J1

Contact: Troy Warkentin, Board Member 
Tel: 204-326-9877 
Fax: 204-346-6235