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Land Use Applications Permit FeesConstruction Specifications (Decks, Sheds, Fences, etc.)
Mobile SignsSecondary Suites

Obtaining a Permit

Building permits must be obtained in person at City Hall, 225 Reimer Avenue from the Planning and Zoning Department Office.  For permit fees, please see below.  For all permit inquiries, please contact Planning & Zoning at 204.346.6515 or by e-mail to

Building Permit Application
Please print to complete.

Note: A new section has been added to the National Building Code. Section 9.36 pertains to Energy Effeciency for houses and small buildings. Designers and builders are encouraged to review and familiarize themselves with the new section and ensure compliance with the code. 

Presentation - Section 9.36 Overview
Section 9.36 National Building Code (Part 1)
Section 9.36 National Building Code (Part 2)
Section 9.36 Manitoba Amendments

Land Use

Conditional Use

A Conditional Use is the use of land or buildings that may be permitted in a particular zone under the current City of Steinbach Zoning By-Law, but because of the type or nature of the use(s) conditions for its establishment and operation it is necessary to ensure compatibility with adjacent land uses.

Conditional Use Application Form and Guide


A Variance is an alteration or change to the standard prescribed under the current City of Steinbach Zoning By-Law. A Variance shall be considered only in cases of undue hardship or practical difficulties particular to the use, character or situation or land or building which is not generally common to other land in the same district.

Variance Application Form and Guide

Minor Variance

A Minor Variance is a minor alteration or change to the standard prescribed by the City of Steinbach Zoning By-Law. However, the offense shall not exceed ten (10) percent of any height, distance, area, size intensity of use or parking space requirement of the current City of Steinbach Zoning By-Law.

Minor Variance Application Form and Guide

Zoning By-Law Amendments

Zoning By-Law Amendment Application

Mobile Signs

All mobile signs must comply with the policies of Zoning By-Law No. 2055.  All mobile signs located in the City of Steinbach require a permit. On approval, a permit sticker will be issued and must be placed where it is easily visible on the approved sign. The section of the Zoning By-Law related to mobile signs can be viewed below.

Permit Application

Mobile Sign Policies

Secondary Suites

A secondary suite is an accessory dwelling unit added to or created within a single family residence that can be rented and provides basic requirements for living, sleeping, cooking, and sanitation. All secondary suites must conform to the Manitoba Building Code as well as City by-laws.

Secondary Suite Guidelines & Information

2019 Fees

The following is a list of fees for various permits provided by the City of Steinbach. For more information, please contact the Planning & Zoning Department at 204.346.6515.

Land Use Permit TypeCost
     Minor (due upon application)$172.30
     Regular (due upon application)$452.00
     Time Extension$226.00
     Regular (due upon application)$452.00
     Time Extension$226.00
Development Plan Amendment$2150.00
Zoning Memo$119.00

Residential Capital Development Fees
Non-Residential Capital Development Fees

Building Permit TypeCost

Note: Basic permit for first $1000 construction value - minimum fee

Building per $1000

Note: Per $1000 construction value in excess of initial $1000. Construction value calculated on cost base per square foot. I.E. house on undeveloped basement would be $120/sq. ft. Construction cost to be reviewed annually.

$6.75 Residential

Multi-Family & Non-Residential

Temporary Building

Note: Per month, 6 month maximum.
Basic Plumbing Permit$30.00
Plumbing - per fixture, floor drain, stack, grease interceptor, acid tank or other fixture$22.55
Demolition / Removal / Moving Permit$56.50
Mobile Sign$113.00