Commercial Service

The collection day(s) for your business depend on the service requirements of all businesses in your general vicinity. 

Please note: The City of Steinbach does not provide commercial collection outside of city limits.

Construction Sites

The City provides garbage collection bins for commercial and industrial construction site projects of all sizes.  You can request bins ranging from four (4) cubic yards to forty (40) cubic yards.  Fees apply based on volume and/or weight. 

Rolloff Container

A recent service added to the City's Solid Waste Department includes the lease and collection of garbage bins up to 40 cubic yards in size.  These bins are suitable for large commercial and industrial operations.  Collection services can be provided on a regular schedule or on demand. 

Rental Fees

Please note that these are basic fee rates.  Prices will vary according to the customer's situation (i.e. location, type of waste).

Front Load Commercial Bins, Permanent - Billed Quarterly

Note:  A basic fee equivalent to 13 pick-ups per quarter (one pick-up per week), based on bin size, is in effect.  

 Number of Pick-ups Per Week  
Bin Size123
4 Yard$14.00 per week /
$728 per year
$28.00 per week / 
$1456 per year
$42.00 per week / 
$2184 per year
6 Yard$21.00 per week / 
$1092 per year
$42.00 per week / 
$2184 per year
$63.00 per week / 
$3276 per year


 Number of Pick-ups Per Week  
Bin Size456
4 Yard$56.00 per week / 
$2912 per year
$70.00 week / 
$3640 per year
$84.00 per week / 
$4368 per year
6 Yard$84.00 per week / 
$4368 per year
$105.00 per week / 
$5460 per year
$126.00 per week / 
$6552 per year

Construction Roll Off Bin Rental Fees

Pick-Up Fee$80.00 - 20 Yard Bin
$100.00 - 30 Yard Bin
$120.00 - 40 Yard Bin
Rental Fee$30.00 per week
Landfill Tipping$50.00 per tonne
6 Yard 
Weekly Rental$25.00

Note: 6 yard bin rentals are a temporary service for small house renovation projects only. A week rental runs Monday to Friday. 6 yard bins can only be rented within Steinbach city limits. 6 yard bins cannot be used for shingles, stucco, concrete, appliances, large pieces of metal, etc. 

Other Bin Fees 
Bin Wash Fee$50.00
Bin Reload Fee 
(Regardless of Size)

Roll Off Bin Fees (Permanent in Steinbach)

20 Yard 
Monthly Rental$80.00
Tipping$50.00 per tonne
30 Yard 
Monthly Rental$110.00
Tipping$50.00 per tonne
40 Yard 
Monthly Rental$140.00
Tipping$50.00 per tonne

For further information, contact Eldon Wallman at 204.346.6532 or by e-mail at