Water Distribution & Treatment

The Waterworks Department is responsible for the treatment and distribution of potable water, as well as the collection and treatment of wastewater for the residents of Steinbach. TO REPORT A WATER MAIN BREAK EMERGENCY, PLEASE CALL 204-346-6232.

Water Bills

The City of Steinbach issues quarterly utility statements. Residents will receive a statement at the beginning of May, August, November and February.  Utility bills are due by the last business day of the month they are received.           

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Property Owner Responsibilities

Find out about the city waterworks system and where the responsiblity of property owners begins and ends.

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Water Conservation

Water conservation means doing the same with less, by using water more efficiently or reducing where appropriate, in order to protect the resource now, and for the future. Using water wisely will reduce pollution and health risks, lower water costs, and extend the useful life of existing supply and waste treatment facilities. To ensure that we have enough cost-effective water for current and future Steinbach residents, we need to work at reducing the amount of water we waste daily. 

Water Conservation Tips

Biosolids Land Application Program

The City of Steinbach takes its water stewardship role seriously and is working towards a long-term land application license allowing for the dispersal of biosolids.

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