Traffic, Vehicles & Parking

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a question about abandoned vehicles or RVs/trucks/trailers parked on my street, who should I contact?
If I have a question about parking for a special event, who do I contact? 

Contact City

How do I pay a ticket? 
You may pay your ticket by phone at 204.326.9877; in person at City Hall, 225 Reimer Avenue; or by drop box at City Hall. 

Who issues parking tickets? 
The City’s Community Services Officer, Parking Meter Attendant, Designated Employee, and the RCMP are the only authorities who can issue parking tickets in Steinbach. 

What is the City of Steinbach hoping to achieve through its parking enforcement? 
Better quality parking operations on City properties, better quality parking operations in the city generally, more access to public parking in the downtown area and throughout the city, create public awareness, as well as business- and customer-friendly parking regulations. 

If I feel that I have received a parking ticket in error, what do I do? 

Contact City

If I disagree with a parking ticket, what can I do about it? 
If you disagree with the offence, it is a matter for the court, and you may contest the ticket by appearing at Provincial Court. Before you do, please have your ticket reviewed by the City’s Community Services Officer. 

Once this is done, you may file a plea of Not Guilty, or Guilty with an Explanation with Provincial Court, and your case will be heard by a magistrate or Judge. All pictures and notes taken by the Community Services Officer will be forwarded to Provincial Court. 

Why would my vehicle get towed? 
If you think your vehicle has been towed, please call the RCMP at 204.326.1234. The RCMP will know if your vehicle was removed by City staff, and may be able to help locate your vehicle if it was removed by others. 

An enforcement officer or police officer may move or tow a vehicle, or take it into custody to be stored in a suitable place if the vehicle is standing or parked: 

a) in contravention of the City of Steinbach’s Traffic By-Law No.1350; or 
b) in a manner that causes interference with City snow removal operations; or 
c) in a position that causes interference with firefighting; or 
d) appears to be abandoned on or near a street; or 
e) is not registered. 

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to pay any costs incurred in removal and storage of a vehicle removed under this By-Law. This is covered under City of Steinbach Traffic By-Law No. 1350 Section 39.1 (a)-(d). 

If I disagree with a City Traffic or Parking by-law that is enforced by a parking ticket, what should I do? 
Contact a member of City Council and request a change to the By–Law. The needs of the City change from year to year and policy direction occurs at Council level. You can find Council’s contact information here on the City of Steinbach website. 

Are these actual tickets, like you get from the Police? 
Yes. The City’s Community Services Officer, Parking Meter Attendant, and Designated Employee have the same authority as the RCMP in issuing offence notices (tickets) and summons pertaining to parking violations. 

Where are Steinbach’s designated Truck Routes? 
Steinbach’s designated Truck Routes include PTH 52, PTH 12, and McKenzie Avenue from PTH 12 S / Brandt Street to PTH 52 E / Main Street. Trucks, truck tractors or combinations of either one with a trailer are to be operated on designated Truck Routes within the city of Steinbach. Any truck, truck tractor or combination of either one with a trailer may operate on any street where necessary to conduct business at a destination point, provided that Truck Routes are used until reaching the intersection closest to the destination and that the truck/truck tractor returns by the shortest route to a designated Truck Route. Truck Routes remain open Monday to Sunday, inclusive, at all times. This is covered under City of Steinbach Traffic By-Law No. 1350 Sections 43-47.