Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for City planning and zoning, property and building related bylaws, administration and enforcement of the Manitoba Building Code, Fire Code, and Plumbing Code, as well as the maintenance of all City-owned buildings. At times, this may include contracting out inspection services to other municipalities.


The City continues to attract new commercial and industrial clients, resulting in greater employment opportunities. With this comes the need for additional housing and serviced commercial land. The City relies mainly on area developers to meet this need and works closely with them to ensure orderly and quality provision of livable and desirable neighbourhoods.

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Land use applications, guides and permit fees.

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The City of Steinbach has adopted a Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law. Its purpose is to ensure all Steinbach residents have safe housing. This by-law addresses minimum obligations property owners must provide within their residential dwellings. Minimum safety measures such as a proper egress, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms are required to be installed in all primary and secondary dwelling units.

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The City of Steinbach's Official Community Plan has been approved by the Province of Manitoba and was adopted by City Council in October 2018.  It is enacted as By-Law 2099 in Steinbach.

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