Steinbach's Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law

Is Your Home Safe?

The City of Steinbach is in the process of adopting a Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law. Its purpose is to ensure all Steinbach residents have safe housing. 

Find out if your home meets the minimum safety standards by answering the following questions. Additional information about this new by-law can be found below. 

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Participation in the above survey is voluntary. Answers and/or comments are confidential and personal information is not being collected. No information will be shared with Third parties. Compliance with the City of Steinbach Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law can only be determined and verified through a property inspection by a City of Steinbach designate. The above survey is for education and awareness purposes, as well as an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on the proposed by-law. 

Safe Housing is Part of a Safe Community

What is the Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law?
The new by-law will address minimum obligations property owners must provide within their residential dwellings. Minimum safety measures such as a proper egress, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms will be required to be installed in all primary and secondary dwelling units. The by-law is expected to be finalized by early 2021. 

Why is this by-law needed?
The by-law is for the safety and health of Steinbach residents. It ensures all homes are equipped with basic safety measures to protect the people that live in them.

What does the by-law apply too?
The by-law applies to all new and existing residential properties within the City of Steinbach including primary and secondary dwellings.

What is a primary dwelling? Secondary dwelling?
A primary dwelling is the main residence where someone lives, usually a house or apartment. A secondary dwelling is a self-contained unit (sometimes referred to as an accessory dwelling or secondary suite) with an entrance separate from the main dwelling. Secondary dwellings are often rented out.

How do I know if a dwelling complies with the by-law?
A person may request the city to inspect their dwelling unit. If the property is compliant, the city will issue a Certificate of Compliance for residential dwelling units that successfully pass an inspection. Compliance certificates are valid for 3 years, unless conditions of the property change. Inspections can be requested by calling the city at 204.346.6515.

What does the Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law mean to me?

I have a secondary suite.
Secondary suites are required to meet Life Safety Standards at minimum, Specifically:

  • A smoke alarm in each bedroom and the remainder of the dwelling unit;
  • The smoke detector must be tested at least once a year;
  • Carbon monoxide alarms must be installed;
  • Egress: each building shall have an access so as to provide a safe exit.

Contact the city at 204.346.6515 to request an inspection and receive your Certificate of Compliance on successful completion of the inspection.

I live in/I am looking to rent a Secondary Suite.
It is the property owners' responsibility to ensure their dwelling unit complies with the Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law. The property owner should be able to confirm compliance with tenants or provide tenants with a copy of the Certificate of Compliance for the property being rented or are interested in renting, upon request.

Renters can also call the city and request to have their rental unit inspected. To request an inspection, call 204.346.6515.

I am thinking about building a Secondary Suite.
It is the property owners' responsibility to ensure their dwelling unit complies with the Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law. It is recommended that you contact the city to discuss your plans before beginning construction. Upon completion of your unit, contact the city to request an inspection and receive your Certificate of Compliance on successful completion of the inspection.

Steinbach's Secondary Suite Guidelines and Information

I am a Real Estate Agent.
Real estate agents play an important role in the Dwelling Safety Standards By Law for their clients:

  • Clients looking at purchasing a property with a secondary suite should confirm that a Certificate of Compliance has been issued by the city for the property.
  • Sellers of property with a secondary suite should be prepared to confirm compliance or provide a copy of the Certificate of Compliance to prospective buyers.
  • Clients looking to purchase a property, with the intent of constructing a secondary suite, are encouraged to contact the city regarding the Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law prior to beginning construction.


Dwelling Safety Standards Brochure
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Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law
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Steinbach City Council give first Reading to By-Law - September 1, 2020
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Province of Manitoba: Municipal Planning Guidelines for Secondary Suites
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For more information or questions about the Dwelling Safey Standards By-Law, contact Lacey Gaudet, City Planner, by phone at 204.346.6566 or email

To request an inspection of your home, call 204.346.6515 or email