Steinbach Airport

Airport Features

Steinbach's main runway is 885 m in length by 23 m in width (2900 ft x 75 ft) and has an asphalt surface. The runway is serviced with lighting and a beacon for nighttime use. Fuel and servicing are available onsite and are provided through the Steinbach Flying Club. The airport also features aircraft tie-downs, a heated lounge building, and restroom facilities. 

Steinbach Airport is listed in the Canadian Flight Supplement publication.

Airport Operation Guidelines 

  • Any construction activity on airport grounds must be pre-approved by the Public Works Department by calling 204-346-6215.
  • An airport lounge is provided for local pilots as well as those visiting the airport.  
  • Overnight stays are for transient pilots only.
  • Aircrafts are not to be left running and unattended on the ramp.
  • Please use the designated parking areas (not the ramp) for vehicle parking.

Fuel Contacts

Bardia Salimkhani 431.999.3337 or Matt Penner at 204.355.8842
Steinbach Flying Club -

Users of Tie-Down Area

Aircrafts using tie down for longer than 3 days must contact the city for payment arrangements.

Fees: $40.00/month or $400.00/year per aircraft payable at the beginning of the term (GST included).

Spraying Operations 

Trucks used for commercial spraying operations are prohibited from driving on the ramp and taxiways.

Fees: $300.00/year per operator (plus GST).

Type of use is temporary and does not entitle the operator to establish the Steinbach Airport as its permanent base of operations.


Operators must contact Randy Reimer, Manager, Public Works at 204-346-6215 prior to commencing any activity.