Sump Pump Discharge

Inappropriate discharge of water by residents can result in other citizens experiencing basement flooding.

Residents should not discharge sump pumps into the City’s sewer system, private holding or sewage tanks, floor drains, branch or sanitary building drains, or on City property including streets, gutters, and ditches. Improper discharge overloads causes strain on City storm water and sewer systems that are not intended to take on this additional water. Residents are encouraged to properly discharge their sump pumps (By-Law 1674) outside of their home and onto a concrete splash pad to direct water away from the house foundation.

Homeowners should take note that water back-up and/or flooding that occurs with a properly functioning backwater valve indicates water is coming from the property itself. Common sources include improper sump pump discharge, improper lot grading or slope, or water usage within the home (once a backwater valve closes, there is limited water storage within your plumbing system). Homeowners are encouraged to proactively protect their property as well as regularly maintain their backwater valve as advised by the manufacturer.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Typical Sump Pit/Pump Installation Diagram