Facility Rentals and Birthday Parties

Rental Times

After hours rentals are held on Saturday and Sunday evenings between 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. (Summer until 7:30 p.m.). Our facilities may be rented for 30 minute intervals after the first hour (minimum). Use of the multi-purpose room (if booked) will take place after the pool rental  All rentals must be paid in full at time of booking.

Most facility rentals can be made up to one year in advance.

Facility Rental Fees

Multipurpose Room

The multipurpose room (MPR) can be rented during public swim times Monday through Sunday or after an after-hours rental.

Base Rate: $48.00/hour
Each additional hour: $24.00/hour

Leisure Pool
(includes blue waterslide, hot tub and sauna)

1-30 people: $165.50/hour
31-60 people: $196.50/hour
61-100 people: $227.50/hour

Lap Pool
(includes red drop slide)

1-30 people: $133.50/hour
31-60 people: $164.50/hour
61-100 people: $195.50/hour
101-140 people: $257.50/hour
141-200 people: $288.50/hour

Entire Indoor Pools
(includes leisure pool, lap pool, both waterslides, hot tub and sauna) 

1-30 people: $254.00/hour
31-60 people: $285.00/hour
61-100 people: $316.00/hour
101-140 people: $378.00/hour
141-200 people: $409.00/hour
201-240 people: $440.00/hour

Outdoor Pool & Splash Park
(End of June to end of August only)

1-30 people (Base Rate): $115.00/hour
31-60 people: 146.50/hour
61-100 people: $177.50/hour
101-140 people: $239.50/hour
141-200 people: $270.50/hour
201-240 people: $301.50/hour

Splash Park Only

Base Rate: $69.50/hour

Birthday Parties

The Aquatic Centre offers Birthday Party packages that include rental of the multipurpose room for 1.5 hours (including set up by staff).

View Birthday Party Package Information

Birthday Party packages can be booked during public swims on Saturdays and Sundays only. Use of the multipurpose room will occur after the swim. Additional admissions over and above those included in the Birthday Party package must be purchased online. It is recommended that this be done as soon as your birthday party rental has been confirmed to avoid disappointment. Additional admissions must include all those attending, including those under 3 years old and spectators.

Note: Room clean-up is the responsibility of renters and is part of the one and half hour time slot. This includes placing all garbage and recycling in provided containers, wiping down of tables and chairs, and sweeping the floor.  A $20 refundable cleaning charge will be added at time of booking and refunded based on completion of the cleaning checklist. 

Printable Pool Party Birthday Invitations