Safety Requirements for All Swimmers and Groups

  1. Safety is our primary concern. The Lifeguard’s decision is final. During public swim and rental times the lifeguards’ job is to guard the pool and react to any emergency that might arise. Parents and caregivers/supervisors are responsible for supervising and monitoring behavior of children and youth.
  2. Children ages 7 and under and those requiring assistance must be within arm’s reach of a parent or caregiver/supervisor at all times while in the water.
  3. For all children ages 8-11 we require an adult (age 14 & up) to be in the facility at all times. (Groups and schools please see “Supervision Requirements” chart below for the number of caregivers needed on deck.)
  4. This is a “glass-free” facility. Glass containers of any kind must be left in your vehicle. BBQ's or electric appliances are NOT permitted.
  5. We permit PFDs and lifejackets in shallow water areas during public swim and rental times. PFDs can be rented for $2 plus a $20 refundable deposit; however, you are encouraged to bring your own as our supply is limited.
  6. Access to deep water requires performing a recognizable swim stroke for 4 - ½ laps - without a PFD, lifejacket or other floatation device
  7. Pool foulings require a 2 – 18 hour facility closure. We encourage all patrons and groups to use the toilet before swimming and to schedule at least a ½ hour break after eating prior to swimming.
  8. Cotton clothing is not permitted in the water. A proper bathing suit must be worn. Swim diapers are required for all those who require diapers. Infant swim diapers can be purchased at the front desk.
  9. Groups are welcomed and are encouraged to pre-purchase their admission to guarantee entrance. We welcome the opportunity to arrange for a supervisor to review rules with your group upon your arrival.
  10. There is no re-entry once you have paid and entered our facility. Please be sure you have all of your belongings.
  11. All rentals must be booked in advance. Please call 204-346-6207. Rentals cannot be booked by e-mail.
  12. Your rental contract will be e-mailed to you along with a list of our facility rules and Supervision Requirements. Areas requiring supervision include diving board, drop slide, waterslide, lazy river, hot tub and sauna.
  13. During rentals, we require payment for all parents and caregivers/supervisors going into the water as well as those supervising on deck.

If these safety requirements are not met, you and/or your group can be denied entrance to the facility.

The Aquatic Centre staff appreciate your cooperation and look forward to your visit.

Thank you.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Supervision Requirements

Note: School year is considered to be from September to the end of August. 

Age and or School GradeNumber of caregivers (minimum 14 years old) required in the water within arms reach at all times.Number of caregivers required on the deck supervising at all times.
*0 - 24 months1 caregiver for every child 
*25 - 48 months1 caregiver for every 2 children 
*4 - 6 years1 caregiver for every 3 children 
*7 years1 caregiver for every 4 children 
Gr. 3
**8 - 9 yrs
 1 caregiver for every 5 youth
Gr. 4
**9 - 10 yrs
 1 caregiver for every 6 youth
Gr. 5
**10 - 11 yrs
 1 caregiver for every 7 youth
Gr. 6, 7, 8
12 - 14 yrs
 1 caregiver for every 8 youth
Gr. 9, 10, 11, 12
15 - 17 yrs
 1 caregiver for every 15 youth

*Children 7 years old or younger must be within arms reach of a caregiver regardless of grade
**Children 8 to 11 years old require an adult in the building at all times.