We are currently closed in compliance with Provincial Public Health Orders (Code Red). Our facility upgrades are now complete and we look forward to welcoming you back once it is safe to do so.

Current Admission Fees

All prices include taxes. Prices subject to change.

Contactless payment methods – debit and credit cards – are preferred at the Steinbach Aquatic Centre, but cash is accepted.

Ages 2 & Under - FREE 
Child (3 - 7 years) - $5.00
Youth (8 - 17 years) - $6.50
Adult (18 - 59 years) - $7.50
Senior (60+ years) - $7.00
Family (Maximum 5 people; Maximum 2 adults) - $26.00 

Lesson Fees

Membership Fees

*Covid-19 Adjustments to Memberships*

  • The current facility closure for upgrades will result in an automatic extension of any memberships that are current. If membeships expire during the closure, the extension will be based on the number of days missed due to the closure.
  • Monthly payments will not be required for October 1, 2020.
  • All memberhips have been extended by 13 weeks for by the number of days remaining starting June 12, 2020 for the Covid-19 closure from March 16 - June 11, 2020.
  • Those who have monthly payments saw the resumption of payments on July 1. June entrance was already paid by the March payment. 

Monthly Memberships

Customize your membership to your lifestyle! Buy a monthly membership. Scheduled payments are also an option if you purchase 10 or 12 month memberships. 
Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

All prices include taxes. Prices subject to change.

1 month$22.72$30.19$52.08$48.91$120.75$56.00
2 months$42.26$56.15$96.87$90.97$224.60$107.52
3 months$61.71$81.96$141.44$132.81$327.84$154.56
6 months$113.12$150.34$259.25$243.44$601.34$268.80
10 months*$165.80$220.37$379.96$356.79$881.48$358.40
12 months*$185.23$246.33$424.50$398.62$985.32$376.32

*Memberships for 10 and 12 months are eligible for locker and towel service (currently unavailable due to Covid-19) for $11/month each.

Aquacise memberships are for aquacise ONLY. For the 10 and 12 month aquacise categories, the above locker and towel program (currently unavailable due to Covid-19) is also available. 

Outdoor Seasonal Memberships


Please call 204-346-6207 for more information or to purchase a membership.