The 2019 Sewer Cleaning and Televising Program is now complete. 

Annual sewer cleaning and televising throughout Steinbach is underway. Over the next week, more than 6,000 metres of pipe will be cleaned and televised.

The work is routine preventative maintenance of the sanitary sewer system. Sections to be cleaned are determined based on information gained during monthly inspections, last cleaning or televising date, and critical level of service. The pipes are cleaned by a high-pressure flushing system that runs fresh water through the lines to clear away any sedimentary deposits. Vacuum trucks pick up water and sediments further down the line. A remote-controlled self-propelled camera vehicle is then sent through to inspect the line and ensure that the pipes are clean and the infrastructure is in good condition.   

Affected residents will receive a courtesy notification on their door before their street is worked on. The work may take place anytime during the two days following receipt of the notice. If any problems are identified, another notice will be given at that time. The City thanks all residents in advance for their cooperation with the maintenance of our waste water infrastructure.

Updates on progress will be posted here daily.

Here is the list of streets that the City is focusing on this year*:

  • Hespeler Street - Complete
  • Hanover (House #554 to Hespeler) - Complete
  • Goosen Avenue - Complete
  • PTH 52 West (Birch Auto to First Street) - Complete
  • Hanover Street (House #321 - #551) - Complete
  • Barkman Avenue (Henry to Penner) - Complete
  • William Street - Complete
  • Lumber Avenue - Complete
  • Second Street - Complete
  • Reimer Avenue (Brandt to Main Street) - Complete
  • Fernwood Bay - Complete
  • Friesen Avenue - Complete
  • Autumnwood Drive - Complete
  • Westwood - Complete
  • Greenwood - Complete
  • Home Street North - Complete

*There may be additions based on condition of the lines.

If your street is listed above, you will receive notice before the work takes place. Homeowners should take the following precautions:

  • Cover all toilet bowls (under the lid) with saran wrap to prevent water from spraying in some cases where the vent might be plugged or the main lines are extremely dirty.
  • Sinks & Bathtubs - Insert the plugs (in all sinks and bathtubs).
  • Floor Traps in the Basement - Place a piece of plastic under the cover and put something heavy on top of the trap.
  • Odours - If you experience an unpleasant odour in your house after the flushing process, run some water in all sinks with traps, flush the toilet, pour some water into the floor trap in the basement and open the windows for a short period of time. This should eliminate the odour.

Sewer lines on some other streets may be cleaned if time and budget allow. Houses along those streets will be notified a day or two before their street is worked on.

For more information on the City's sewer cleaning inspection program, click here.

Should you require any further information, please contact the City's Waterworks Department at 204-346-6211, between 8 am – 5 pm, and 204-346-6232 after 5 pm.  If you do not get an answer, please leave a message with your contact information so that a staff member can call you back.