Property tax statements for Steinbach have now been mailed and are due September 30, 2020.

Tax statements are mailed to the current owners at time of printing. It is the property owners’ responsibility to obtain a copy should they have recently purchased a property and not received a tax statement.

Tax bills issued this year total about $32.6 million. Approximately 47 percent of this amount fund municipal programs including the City’s summer beautification program, street maintenance and snow clearing functions.  It also funds a variety of projects, including:

• Kroeker Avenue reconstruction;
• New curbs and asphalt overlay on Valerie Lane, Maplewood Street, Parkview Crescent, Parkside Place, and George Place;
• Overhead street lighting along PTH 12 South, from south of Chrysler Gate past Madison Drive intersection;
• Replacement of aging vehicles and equipment.

The remaining 53 percent of the annual tax levy is forwarded to the Province of Manitoba and the Hanover School Division to fund various school system projects and programs.

Comparatively, Steinbach continues to be among the lowest property tax rates in the province.

If you have not received a copy of your tax statement by July 24, 2020 or if your mailing address has changed recently, please contact City Hall at 204.326.9877 or e-mail