Beginning this year, based on the Operating License guidelines provided by the Office of Drinking Water, the City of Steinbach will complete annual water sampling for lead at various properties across the City, and is currently looking for residents to volunteer their homes to be part of the sampling process.

The use of lead in plumbing was prohibited in 1990 in the province of Manitoba, and City records indicate that no lead components were used in the City’s water distribution system! However, lead plumbing fixtures can be found in the plumbing of individual properties. The presence of lead is more likely in older homes and buildings located in older neighbourhoods. For this reason, sampling priority will be based on location and age of properties. The map in the second image shows the City’s areas of priority.

For more information, to view the map, or to apply for consideration to be part of the program, please visit the webpage by clicking the button below.

Lead at the Tap Sampling Program