The City of Steinbach Storm Ready Team is seeking up to six volunteers to act as weather spotters in times of severe weather, such as a Tornado or Severe Thunder Storm.

Spotters must be residents of Steinbach or live within a 10 km radius of Steinbach. Each team consists of four members and is “on call” for one week per month during the months of May thru September. When needed, they will be notified by weather radio, text, telephone, or cell phone and asked to watch the sky for signs of severe weather developing. The Spotters will then contact the Emergency Operations Team, Local Radio outlets and Environment Canada if severe weather is imminent.

Should a tornado touch down in Steinbach, spotters may be asked to do a preliminary damage evaluation of their designated area and report this info to the Emergency Operations Centre Team so they can formulate a plan of action and keep the general public informed.

Spotters are provided with training both in-house and by Environment Canada as well as guidelines on how to report a sighting and action checklists.

Consider joining the Storm Ready Team and make Steinbach a safer place to live and raise a family.

Questions and comments can be directed to the Emergency Planning Coordinator, Denis Vassart at 204.392.5996 or by e-mail at