It is unlikely residents will be surprised that Steinbach’s population continues to grow according to Statistics Canada’s census results released today. Since 2011, Steinbach’s resident count has grown by 2,305, increasing the population to 15,829 and upholding its ranking as the third largest city in the province.

“The census provides the data for what we already know anecdotally. We continue to see many terrific growth stories and projects in our city,” said Mayor Chris Goertzen, “Council continues to focus on setting the stage for growth, such as investing in quality, well maintained infrastructure.”

According to Statistics Canada, there has been a 17% increase in Steinbach’s population over the last five years. This is compared to the national average population growth of 5.0%. In the last 10 years, Steinbach has grown by 43%.

“We live in a vibrant city that continues to prosper, develop and attract new people,” added Mayor Geortzen, “People want to live here and be part of Steinbach’s future.”

In addition to population totals, the census is a valuable tool for planning. It provides information about housing and demographic, social and economic characteristics that help the city make decisions and focus priorities that best fit the community.   

As the third largest city in Manitoba, Steinbach trails Brandon (pop. 48,859) and Winnipeg (pop. 705,244).

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