City Council is pleased to announce the commitment of $1.5 million to the Bethesda Foundation. This contribution coincides with increased lobbying efforts  to see additional personal care home beds for seniors in Steinbach, a major focus of their advocacy work with the provincial government over the coming year.

“Council works hard to support and allocate money to the priorities of the city,” said Mayor Goertzen, “the availability of health services in Steinbach, such as additional personal care home beds so our seniors can stay in the community, are definitely a priority.”

The City of Steinbach will contribute the funds over five years to the Bethesda Foundation. For health related capital construction projects, provincial assistance can be requested once a ten percent local funding requirement has been met. The committed funds from the city will form a portion of this requirement.

“The city is doing its part and will continue to advocate on behalf of Steinbach residents to support healthcare initiatives in our community, especially those which support our seniors,” stated Goertzen.

The City was pleased to already deliver the first installment of funds to the Bethesda Foundation.