Navigating Steinbach just got easier. The City has launched a new online public mapping service that helps businesses and developers find available land and allow residents to easily access basic property data. The service is delivered by ESRI, a leader and international supplier of geographic information systems software.

“The service does not provide new information, but it does provide it in a visual way that is easy to navigate,” said Mitchell Eastley, the City’s GIS Developer/Technician, “All of the information is accessed through an online public portal in the form of a city map.” 

The tool is especially helpful for people looking to develop in Steinbach. Someone that might be interested in a specific lot or land parcel can now easily choose map options that overlay zoning designations and the city’s official community plan. Users can quickly see if a property is zoned residential or commercial and identify development possibilities. Residents can search individual property roll number, current assessment detail, lot dimension information, and even garbage pick-up day.  

“Although we now offer a self-serve option for land information in Steinbach, we are always available to talk in-person with developers and residents about opportunities in the city,” states Troy Warkentin, City Manager “This is just a tool that might initiate and help with those conversations.”

Eastley cautioned that although the mapping service provides a lot of useful information and tools, including the ability to measure distances and areas and overlay aerial photography, it is not exact. The service does not replace a proper land survey.

The mapping service can be accessed from the City's website and is mobile-friendly.

Launch Online Mapping Tool
Today’s announcement is timely given November 13 is International GIS Day (Geographical Information Systems); a day that raises awareness of how GIS technology can be used to benefit society.

Inquries about the new Public Mapping Service:
Mitchell Eastley, GIS Developer/Technician at 204.346.6533 or

Inquiries about Property Taxes:
Kara Mantie, Tax Clerk, at 204.346.6531 or

Inquries about Planning, Zoning, and Developments:
Lacey Gaudet, City Planner, at 204.346.6566 or