ALL TESTING IS NOW COMPLETE. The City of Steinbach thanks all residents for their patience and cooperation!

Water still discolored?
If you are still noticing a discoloration to your water, turn on a cold water tap for 15 minutes or until discoloration is no longer present.

If discoloration persists, call 204.346.6211. If you are prompted to leave a message, please include your address along with your contact information. Messages are checked after hours and call backs made when necessary.

Some of the City's Waterworks staff completing flow tests....

August 26th
8:20am - Testing on Rosewood Dr. complete.
8:45am - Testing on Loewen Blvd. at Henry Street complete. Flushing of lines complete at 9:10am.
9:18am - Testing at Stone Bridge Crossing and Granite Park complete.
9:50am - Testing on Golfview Cres. complete.
10:15am - Testing at Penfeld Dr. at PTH 12N complete. 
10:40am - Testing at Acres Dr. and PTH 12N complete.
10:55am - Testing at Acres Dr. and Industrial Rd. complete.
11:15am - Testing at Park Rd. and PTH 12N complete.
11:35am - Testing at Park Rd west complete.
12:15pm - Testing at PTH 12N and Clearsprings Rd. complete.

August 25th
9:27am - Testing at Tower Ave. and Life Sciences Pkwy complete.
9:54am - Testing at Ashford Lane complete.
10:29am - Testing at Hanover St. and Kroeker Ave. complete. 
11:30am - Testing at Elm Ave. and Elmdale Street complete.
12:10pm - Testing at 2nd Street and Barkman Ave. complete, flushing complete.
1:30pm - Testing at 4th Street and Reimer Ave. complete, flushing complete.
1:45pm - Testing at 1st Street and William Ave. complete, flushing complete.
2:40pm - Testing at Autumnwood Dr. complete, flushing of lines complete.
3:40pm - Testing at Lund Rd. and Ellice Ave. complete.
4:30pm - Testing at PTH 52W and Keating Rd complete.
4:50pm - Testing at Madison Dr. and Chrysler Gate complete.
5:15pm - Testing at Clearwater Ave. and Alderwood Cres. complete.

August 24th
10:00am - Testing at McKenzie Ave. and Harmony Lane complete.
10:30am - Testing at end of Cutlass Drive complete.
11:10am - Testing at McKenzie Ave. and Cedar Cres. complete.
11:30am - Testing at McKenzie Ave. and Barkman Ave. complete.
12:00pm - Testing at Chapel Drive and Chrysler Gate complete.
12:15pm - Testing at Coral Crescent complete.
12:30pm - Testing at McKenzie Ave. and Parkhill Cres. complete.
1:40pm - Testing at Southwood Drive complete.
2:20pm - Testing is currently delayed due to equipment problems.
3:30pm - Testing at 2nd Street and Barkman Ave. incomplete, to be completed at a later time.
4:15pm - Testing ended for Wednesday, August 24th. Will resume at 9am on Thursday, August 25th.


The City of Steinbach Waterworks Department will begin testing Steinbach’s water distribution system starting tomorrow. Although the testing may result in some discoloration of water for residents and business, the city’s water quality will not be affected at any time. The testing is part of the engineering review for a new water treatment plant.

“We are looking at how the new treatment plant will impact the existing distribution system,” said Mike Heppner, Waterworks Department Head, “including flow rates at fire hydrants in all areas of the city.”

The city-wide testing will be done from Wednesday, August 24th to Friday, August 26th, between 8:00am and 5:00pm. If required, further testing may also be completed on Monday, August 29th. Although the water will be safe to use throughout the testing process, if residents do notice a change in water color it is recommended they avoid doing laundry, especially whites, until the testing is complete. Residents can also fill some containers prior to the start of testing to use for the duration of the testing process.

“Staff will be monitoring the testing process and will work to clear up any discoloration as quickly as possible,” said Heppner. He added that residents are encouraged to check the city’s website for updates and that the city thanks residents for their patience and cooperation during the testing process.

Residents can also call 204.346.6211 with questions or concerns. 

A new water treatment plant is planned for Steinbach in 2017/2018.