The city is pleased to let residents know that the latest batch of compost is finished and available for free at the landfill (located at 104 Hanover Road E) starting Wednesday, June 3, 2020 during regular hours. Approximately 300 cubic yards of rich, organic compost material is now ready to be put to use in garden and tree planting projects all over the city. 

*Residential quantities only and on a first come, first served basis until gone*

Residents are asked to check in at the Scale Station when they arrive and to bring their own hand shovels and containers. Half ton trucks and small utility trailers are allowed. 

The city collects organic waste year-round at the landfill and every Saturday from May to October at Community Compost Depots. The material is then "turned", "cooked", and "screened" until it becomes a nutrient-rich material that is used by the city's Parks and Recreation department for tree and flower plantings and given back to residents for their own yard and garden projects. Learn more about the city's compost program. 

The city thanks residents for contributing to the compost program and keeping the landfill healthy by keeping organic waste out of it.