May 15th - All available compost has now been picked up. Notices will be posted again when more becomes available.


The City of Steinbach is pleased to announce the first batch of rich compost is now available. The compost is available to Steinbach and area residents at no cost and can be picked up at the Steinbach Landfill at 104 Hanover Road East. Approximately 100 yards of compost is available on a first come, first served basis.  Additional compost is expected to be ready within a few weeks.   

The city is pleased to offer this opportunity and encourages the public to drop off their compostable items at community compost depots running every Saturday, starting May 13 – October 21, from 9am -3pm. The depots are located at Woodlawn School (411 Henry Street) and Stonybrook Middle School, by the track (77 Lumber Avenue). The material collected is composted and screened at the Landfill and turned into rich compost for use by residents in their yard and garden projects and by the city for parks and flower beds.

Learn about what can and cannot be composted.