A new Burning By-Law has been approved and outlines the rules for burning in the City of Steinbach. A summary of what the by-law covers is below:

Open-Air Fires - Must be enclosed on all sides by a pit of non-combustible material, not cause nuisance for neighbours or reduce visibility on a highway.

Burn Permits - Required if a fire does not comply with the by-law. Permits can be obtained by completing a burn permit application. Questions regarding permits can be directed to the Steinbach Fire Department at 204-326-1109.

Flying Lanterns - The ignition and release of flying lanterns (also known as Chinese lanterns, sky lanterns, and Kongming lanterns) is prohibited within the City of Steinbach. The sale of these products is permitted but any display shall include a sign notifying customers that they cannot be lit and released within city limits. 

False Alarms - Any property owner or occupier of a premises containing a fire alarm system, where there have been more than two false alarms within the same calendar year, is liable to pay fines for each additional false alarm after the second false alarm.

Fire Danger Index

The by-law also outlines a new three-stage Fire Danger Index that will be used to identify fire risk for the City based on moisture and weather conditions. 

The City encourages residents to become familiar with the new Fire Danger Index so they can be informed and act accordingly. Changes to the fire danger status will be posted on the City’s website, social media channels, and a notification sent to local media. 

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