Notice Regarding Special Service Plan 2019-1

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 318(1) of The Municipal Act, that the Council of the City of Steinbach has scheduled a public hearing at the City of Steinbach Council Chambers on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 7:35 p.m. Council will hear any person who wishes to make a representation, ask questions, or
register an objection to this plan for:

Curbside Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste in the City of Steinbach

INTENT: This is not a new levy. This special service plan and annual fee levy is being amended in order to provide continued funding for the curbside collection and disposal of solid waste for residential properties located within the City of Steinbach. If you already receive this curbside solid waste collection service, this levy was present on your 2018 property tax statement and referenced as “Curbside Collection” at a rate of $133.00 per Residence.

PROPERTIES AFFECTED: Properties within the City of Steinbach to be levied under this proposal shall include all properties that:

  1. Have a residential classification (10, 20 or 80), as determined by the Manitoba Department of Local Government from time to time as provided for in the annual final assessment roll of the City of Steinbach, and; 
  2. Receive the curbside waste collection and disposal service.

The City may add additional residential properties to this Special Service Plan each year as the properties are developed and as the curbside collection service is provided to them.

PROGRAM COSTS: The estimated cost of the service shall be the costs to provide for the collection and the disposal of the solid waste collected for all properties that receive the service.

Estimated Total Cost 



The service will provide for one curbside solid waste collection per Residence per five-day garbage collection cycle. The estimated cost per Residence is as follows:

Estimated Cost per Residence



OBJECTIONS: Written or verbal objections must be filed with the City of Steinbach before the adjournment of the hearing and must include the name and address of the person filing the objection and the grounds of their objection. Written objections may be mailed to the City of Steinbach in advance of the hearing to the address  indicated above.

Copies of the complete Special Service Plan are available for review and may be examined by any person during regular office hours of Steinbach City Hall, located at 225 Reimer Avenue in Steinbach. Information regarding this plan may be obtained from the undersigned at the City of Steinbach at 204.346.6563.

Brian Hrehirchuk
Senior Manager, Finance