If you are planning to install a pool this summer, keep the following in mind:

Fences must have a minimum vertical height of five feet and a maximum vertical height of six feet, six inches; must have no openings through which a child could crawl; and must be maintained in good repair.

Any gates must be self-closing, meaning the gate closes automatically without the aid of a push or pull from a person; must be at least five feet in height; and must be equipped with a lockable latch to prevent unauthorized entry.

It is not permitted to fill the pool until an approved enclosure is in place.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that these and other regulations are met, in particular that the fencing is in good repair and that the pool area is securely maintained at all times.

Click for complete information about construction requirements for outdoor pools.

For more information or clarification, please call the Community Services Officer at 204.346.6561.