It is the responsibility of property owners to take care of weeds early to prevent growth, scattering and ripening of weeds and weed seeds.

Although a patch of yellow dandelions can be pretty, they are a noxious weed. If not dealt with, they can easily spread out of control. Dandelions do not require pollination and their seeds, found on fine hairs, allow easy dispersal by wind. All weeds, including dandelions, can quickly spread to neighboring properties, making weed control frustrating for all property owners, as well as an eye sore in the community.

The City of Steinbach makes inspections and follows up on complaints where weeds are reported as flourishing. If necessary, the weeds will be destroyed with the cost of the weed control charged to the property owner.

Residents can report locations where noxious weeds are flourishing by calling the City of Steinbach at 204-346-6561 or email the city.

Lets keep our city noxious weed free!

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