The Steinbach Fire Department is adding to its ranks. From September 21 to October 12, applications are being accepted from anyone interested in becoming part of the on-call team of firefighters in Steinbach. Before applying, applicants are encouraged to review all the recruitment information and understand all the requirements.   

“We are looking to replace positions that have been vacated since our last recruitment period,” said Kelvin Toews, Steinbach Fire Chief, “Although we always look forward to welcoming new recruits we want to give them a complete picture of what they are signing up for. We are not a full-time fire department but there is a lot of training involved and quite a large commitment that new hires and their families need to be prepared for.”

Toews explains that a new recruit will receive training for about 18 months before receiving Level 1 Firefighter status. This includes provincial testing and participating in weekly drills.  “It’s also important to know that firefighters can face highly stressful and physically demanding situations,” says Toews, “but we have a great firefighting family, and lots of support for our members. ” 

The Fire Department encourages anyone who would like to learn more to attend the Information Night being held at the Steinbach Fire Station on Tuesday, October 9 at 6pm and speak with some of the firefighters.

Recruitment Information and Application