The City's Waterworks Department is flushing watermain lines throughout the city. Flushing is a process where water is sent through watermains at a high velocity, scouring the pipes and removing any sediment that can build up in the lines. The sediment comes from minerals in the water and internal corrosion of pipes over time. Flushing helps to maintain the city's water distribution system and excellent water quality. 

During flushing, residents may notice some discoloration of water, but should know that the water is safe. Residents experiencing a change in water color are asked to wait about an hour and then run their cold water tap for about 5-10 minutes. If discoloration continues, please contact the city at 204-346-6211.

The below map shows the section of the city expected to be flushed during regular business hours from October 13-15. Please note that this schedule is a basic guide, but flushing dates and areas may be adjusted.

Click on map for enlarged view.

South Park Area
October 13-15