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Secondary Suites

Secondary suits are an accessory dwelling unit added to or created within a single family residence that can be rented and provides basic requirements for living, sleeping, cooking, and sanitation.

Steinbach is in need of affordable housing, and this need may be met by allowing homeowners to create or legalize a secondary suite, with certain conditions being met.

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Pet Information

The City of Steinbach understands that animals hold a special place in many people’s lives and that your pet is specifically important to you. The City wants to ensure that the experience for pet owners and those who live near pet owners is a positive one. For this reason, the City enforces a number of pet bylaws to ensure the safety of both human and animal residents.

Please ensure you are taking the necessary steps if you own a pet.

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Graffiti is the name for images or lettering painted or marked in any manner on property without the consent of the property owner. Graffiti is often regarded by others as unsightly and is an act of vandalism with a negative impact on our community.

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Illegal Dumping

The City of Steinbach, together with Manitoba Conservation, are working to enforce litter laws and issue charges to individuals who violate the Environment Act.  

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Block Parties

Parties are always a highlight during the summer months. To help facilitate the fun safely, the City of Steinbach allows block parties on selected neighbourhood residential streets such as cul-de-sacs or non-through streets.

The person organizing the event must submit an application to the City at least two days in advance of the party date. The applicant is required to give their name, telephone number, address, desired location, date, and time of the proposed block party.  If the location is approved, the resident will be furnished with sufficient approved traffic control barricades to restrict access at each street closure location. 

There are no application fees for block parties. 

Block Party Application

Residents may contact the City's Community Services Officer at 204.346.6561.

Garage Sales & Parking

A garage sale notice board is available along the sidewalk on Kroeker Avenue at Elmdale Street (behind the Steinbach Fire Hall) for posting or viewing information about upcoming garage sales. This centralized location for advertisement of community garage sales is intended to replace the use of signs on boulevards, which are often distracting and dangerous for traffic reasons. 

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