Secondary Suites

Information & Guidelines

Homes and secondary suites built prior to January 1, 2011 must comply with the Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law.  Homes and secondary suites built or developed after January 1, 2011 must comply with the Manitoba Building Code AND the Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law

What is a secondary suite?
A secondary suite is an accessory dwelling unit added to or created within a single family residence that can be rented and provides basic requirements for living, sleeping, cooking, and sanitation.

Why are secondary suites permitted?
Steinbach is in need of affordable housing, and this need may be met by allowing homeowners to create or legalize a secondary suite, with certain conditions being met.

What are the legal requirements?
The best reason to legalize a secondary suite is to reduce your liability. As a homeowner, you can reduce your liability if you:

  • Ensure that the suite meets all required fire, building and housing standards;
  • Advise your insurance provider of the secondary suite and adjust your insurance accordingly;
  • Advise your mortgage holder of the secondary suite; and
  • Ensure that you comply with the City’s land use and parking by-laws*.

*The City requires one additional on-site parking stall for a secondary suite.

What are the Building requirements?
All secondary suites must conform to the Manitoba Building Code as well as City by-laws.

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As of January 2021, all secondary suites must meet minimum safety standards as identified in the Dwelling Safety Standards By-Law
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Who is responsible for complying with the regulations?
The homeowner is responsible for complying with the Manitoba Building Code. There are penalties for non-compliance. Owners require a building permit and may require other permits to create a secondary suite.

What if I already have a secondary suite in my home?
The City allows secondary suites in the following zoning classifications, providing that the suites comply with fire, building and safety standards:

RSF - Residential Single Family Zone
RLD - Residential Low Density Zone
RMD - Residential Medium Density Zone
R-MX - Residential Mixed Use Zone
RR - Rural Residential Zone
RRS - Rural Residential Service Zone
CI - Commercial Neighborhood Zone

If you already have a suite and need to determine if it complies, contact the City for requirements and/or an inspection. The cost of inspection and a letter of clearance confirming your suite is safe is $75. If as a result of inspection, you learn that you need to do some work on your secondary suite, you may need a permit and may not be allowed to continue renting the suite until the improvements are complete.

Province of Manitoba: Municipal Planning Guidelines for Secondary Suites
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