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Animal Control (By-Law 1892)

Dogs & Cats

Did you know that Steinbach’s Animal Control By-Law allows up to three dogs or three cats, up to a combined maximum of four household pets, in a one- or two-family dwelling? In a multi-family dwelling, two dogs or two cats are allowed, up to a combined maximum of three household pets at any time. The above limits do not apply to litters of puppies or kittens.

Please note: Restrictions imposed by a landlord supercede this bylaw.

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Snowmobiles (By-Law 1564)

The City of Steinbach enacted By-Law 1564 in order to regulate the operation of snowmobiles within the city limits of Steinbach. This By-Law is enforced under the Provincial Off-Road Vehicle Act.

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Junk & Rubbish (By-Law 1663)

Leaving unwanted and unused items on a property for an extended period of time can cause potential health and hazard issues and can reflect badly on an otherwise clean and well maintained neighborhood.

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure all junk and rubbish items are removed and disposed of in a timely manner.

The City of Steinbach follows up on complaints regarding junk and rubbish. If necessary, the items will be removed with disposal costs charged back to the property owner.

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Weed Control (By-Law 1663)

It is the responsibility of property owners to take care of weeds early to prevent growth, scattering and ripening of weeds and weed seeds.

Although a patch of yellow dandelions can be pretty, they are a noxious weed. If not dealt with, they can easily spread out of control. Dandelions do not require pollination and their seeds, found on fine hairs, allow easy dispersal by wind. All weeds, including dandelions, can quickly spread to neighboring properties, making weed control frustrating for all property owners, as well as eye sores in the community.

The City of Steinbach makes inspections and follows up on complaints where weeds are reported as flourishing. If necessary, the weeds will be destroyed with the cost of the weed control charged to the property owner.

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Traffic, Vehicles & Parking

Traffic By-Law  

An interactive traffic map portal for the City of Steinbach.  

Traffic By-Law Map

Parking - Frequently Asked Questions

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Sump Pumps (By-Law 1674)

It is the responsibility of property owners to ensure the discharge from a sump pump is not a nuisance to neighboring properties. Sump pumps must disperse onto the property that they belong to. Discharging onto neighboring properties, city streets or sewers is prohibited. Discharging onto a splash pad (e.g. concrete slab) is recommended to assist with disbursement without causing ground erosion.

The City of Steinbach follows up on complaints regarding sump pump discharge. Property owners found disobeying discharge rules may be subject to a fine.

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Swimming Pools (By-Law 2206)

Private swimming pool regulations

The City of Steinbach’s By-Law 679 and the National Building Code of Canada (Manitoba Amendments) apply to all private swimming pools as defined in the City By-Law and Building Code. Both define a private swimming pool as, “a body of water located outdoors which is partly or completely below grade or is completely above grade, contained in part or in whole by artificial means, in which the depth of the water at any point can exceed twenty-four inches and is used or capable of being used for swimming.”

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