Animal Control (By-Law 1892)

Control of Pets

Pets are not allowed to run at large within city limits. When on a street or other public place, a pet must be kept on a leash not more than 2.5 metres in length. Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets, and must do so immediately if their pet defecates on property other than the pet owner’s. Dog feces on the owner’s property must be removed daily.

If traveling in a vehicle with a pet, the animal must be secured in a manner that prevents it from jumping, falling, or being thrown out of the vehicle.

Pet owners who fail to leash or clean-up after their pets may be fined no less than $100.00 per offense.

Dog owners must not allow their dog to bark or howl in such a way that disturbs other people who are not on the same premises, or that unreasonably disturbs the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, or comfort of others.

Animal Complaints

Dog Licences

A person must acquire a dog licence for any dog that is older than three months and is being kept within city limits. Dog licences can be applied for at City Hall, 225 Reimer Avenue in Steinbach.

One Time Lifetime Licencing Fees

Male or female dog $25.00
Neutered male or spayed female dog $10.00
Replacement tag $ 5.00


Impoundment of Animals

The City’s Animal Control Officer or a police officer may pick up and impound an animal:

a) if the owner of the dog does not have a licence;
b) if the dog owner has not paid the licence fee;
c) if the dog is not wearing a City-issued dog tag;
d) who is on a street or other public place unlawfully, including running at large; or
e) who has bitten or is alleged to have bitten a human.

If your pet is impounded, please apply to the Animal Control Officer to reclaim your pet. When applying, pet owners must provide proof of ownership and pay all outstanding penalties, fines, or fees under the City’s Animal By-Law that apply to their animal or for breach of this By-Law. Steinbach’s Animal Control Officer can be reached at 204.223.5521.

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