Swimming Pools (By-Law 679)

Do I need a fence around my pool?

All pools capable of holding 24 inches of water require a city permit and must be enclosed by a fence.

Pool Depth:

*Although pool advertising and packaging may indicate that a pool is less than 24” deep, many still have the capacity to hold 24” of water and children are at risk to drown.

**Many pools have features, such as inflatable ring edges, that allow the depth of the pool to increase beyond 24” and should be included in any pool’s depth measurement.

Pool Enclosure:

Fences must have a minimum vertical height of five feet and a maximum vertical height of six feet, six inches; must have no openings larger than 4” through which a child could crawl; and must be maintained in good repair.

Any gates must be self-closing and self-latching, meaning the gate closes automatically without the aid of a push or pull from a person; must be at least five feet in height; and must be equipped with a lockable latch to prevent unauthorized entry.

Additional Requirements:

  • Vertically boarded wood or chain link construction;
  • Built in such a way as to not facilitate climbing;
  • Located no less than four feet from the pool;
  • Located not less than four feet from any condition that would facilitate climbing.

View full construction requirements for outdoor swimming pools, including in-ground and above-ground pools.

Permit Process:

If your outdoor pool is capable of holding 24” of water, you require a permit. To obtain a permit you need to:

  1. Fill out a permit application and as part of the application, submit a site plan indicating placement of the pool and enclosure on your property. Permit applications are available at City Hall, 225 Reimer Avenue.

  2. Provide permit payment. Permits start at $50 and are based on overall cost of the project (cost to construct the pool and fence). Payment can be made at City Hall by debit, cash or cheque or by mail to City of Steinbach, 225 Reimer Avenue, Steinbach, MB, R5G 2J1.

  3. A City Building Inspector will review your permit application and contact you with any questions or concerns and/or give approval to build your enclosure, conditional on a post construction inspection.

  4. Once the enclosure is built, contact the City at 204.346.6515 to have it inspected by a City Building Inspector.

  5. Upon final approval of enclosure, your pool can be filled with water.

The safety of residents is a prime concern for all city by-laws, which are in place to minimize risk. The city appreciates the cooperation of residents and helping to keep our community safe.

Does this by-law apply to hot tubs?

This does not apply to a hot tub installed outdoors at a single-family dwelling where:

  • The hot tub does not exceed 2.4 meters in diameter or 4.65 m2 in total surface area.
  • The hot tub has a cover that has structural strength to support the weight of an adult walking across the top of the cover and is capable of being locked in the covered position.

Do I Need a Permit?

By-Law 679 states, “No swimming pool shall be constructed, used or installed unless the owner is in possession of a permit issued by the Building Inspector.”

A permit is not required in the City of Steinbach for the construction of a fence, however, all fence regulations and setbacks must be observed.

By-Law Violations

If you are in violation of the City’s Swimming Pool By-Law, you are required to drain the pool immediately until such time as an enclosure is built in accordance with By-Law 679.

Non-compliance can result in a fine of $100 and/or an outstanding work order being issued against the properties.

Please Note: This document is only a summary of By-Law 679. Enclosures must meet all City of Steinbach By-Laws and the National Building Code of Canada.

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