Grass Mulching

Want a Beautiful Lawn AND Help the Environment? Mulch it!

Your community needs your help. Did you know that grass clippings in our landfill emit large amounts of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas? Grass clippings in the landfill also contribute nitrogen to leachate. Leachate is a harmful liquid that has to be removed from the active part of the landfill and then treated before it can be released.  Both issues lead to increased landfill costs and higher tipping fees.

Your grass clippings can go to much better use AND improve the health of the landfill.

This is where you come in! Have you ever considered mulching your grass when you cut it? Mulching allows grass clippings to compost on your lawn providing it with a natural fertilizer including nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Not only will you have a beautiful lawn, and save money on fertilizer, you won’t have to spend time bagging your grass! 

Here’s how to get started… it all begins with a good mulching blade. Unfortunately not all mulching blades are created equal.  A good blade is designed to cut grass blades multiple times into small pieces so they settle into the grass without clumps and decompose quickly. They feature more curves and cutting edges (see below). Mulching blades are available at any local hardware store and a store representative will be able to assist you to choose the right one for your mower.  

Now that your mower has a mulching blade on it, here’s what you need to know…

  • Cut it high and let it lie - Mow your grass when it is between 3" and 4" tall and leave the clippings stay on the lawn. Grass grows best, thicker and healthier, and resists weeds better when it is at least 3" tall.
  • Mow at least once a week during peak growing season. 
  • Trees take nutrients from the soil and put it in their leaves so it’s beneficial to mulch fallen leaves too. Simply spread your fallen leaves around your lawn, raise your mulching mower one notch and mulch the precious carbon rich leaves right back into your yard.
  • Mow your lawn when the grass is dry. Wet grass clumps and can clog your lawn mower. 

Mulching is a win for you and our community. It saves raking and bagging, keeps grass and plastic lawn bags out of the landfill, and nourishes your lawn.  

Mulch and enjoy more summer!

When You Just Can’t Mulch - Compost!

We understand there are times when mulch mowing is not an option and grass clippings need to be bagged. In these instances, we encourage you to bring your grass clippings, as well as other compostable items, to one of the annual Community Compost Depots running every Saturday from 9-3, starting early May and running until mid-October. Compost can also be dropped off at the Steinbach Landfill year-round, free-of-charge.

Community Compost Depot Locations:
Woodlawn School yard (411 Henry St.)
Stonybrook Middle School by the track (77 Lumber Ave.)
NEW in 2023 - Smith Neufeld Jodoin Law Office Lot (85 Provincial Trunk Hwy 12)

Learn more about Community Compost Depots

If you have any questions contact Eldon Wallman at 204-346-6532 or