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2019 Mosquito Control

Practices & Products 

The City of Steinbach will continue with its larviciding program this year. An environmentally friendly product called VectoBac is used, a granular substance distributed by hand or with a backpack blower. The larvicide is safe to humans, pets, fish, and most other insects, including dragonflies which play an important role in keeping the mosquito population lower. Larviciding will be conducted within a 3 km buffer zone of the city. Larviciding is one of the most effective control measures used to reduce mosquito populations. The City will larvicide throughout the summer as needed depending on stagnant water and rain. 

The City also intends to conduct adult mosquito control (ground-based ultra low volume spraying) in 2019, if the number of mosquitoes counted in Steinbach reaches a high level. Spraying would occur from streets and road allowances, and in parks and green spaces within city limits. 

Presuming weather conditions are conducive, the ground based spraying would occur during the late evening and night. Spraying may occur twice in seven days. If spraying is cancelled due to weather conditions, adult mosquito control would be carried out as soon as weather permits. 

The pesticide product to be used for ground spraying is Malathion dispersed by an ultra low volume aerosol sprayer. To reduce exposure during fogging: 

  • close all windows and doors; 
  • stay away from working trucks while spraying is underway; 
  • supply/exhaust fans and HRVs should be turned off; 
  • ensure fruits and vegetables are washed; 
  • remove clothes and children’s toys from outside areas; 
  • wash any household items or toys left outside before use. 


The public may send written objections to fogging by mail to the addresses below, by e-mail to, or in person at City Hall, 225 Reimer Avenue in Steinbach. Objections should be dated and must include a name, street address, and phone number and will be kept on record for the 2019 year. 

City of Steinbach 
225 Reimer Avenue 
Steinbach, MB R5G 2J1 

Manitoba Conservation 
Pesticide / Fertilizer Section 
123 Main Street, Suite 160 
Winnipeg, MB R3C 1A5 

Please note, if you registered an objection to fogging last year (2018), you will need to register again this year. As per the Manitoba pesticides regulation, objections must be filed each year. Any objections received less than two days before a scheduled fogging will take effect for the next fogging. 

What You Can Do 

The City reminds residents that they can also take actions to help keep the mosquito population down: 

  • Eliminate standing water. 
  • Regularly clean and empty eavestroughs, pool covers and other items that collect water. 
  • Clean and empty bird baths weekly. 
  • Make sure openings in rain barrels are covered with mosquito screening or tightly sealed around the downspout. 
  • Clear your yard of old tires or other debris where water collects. 
  • Cut the grass around your home; trim hedges and trees around doorways and seating areas.
  • Use insect repellants. 

2019 Proposed Pesticide Program

Public notice is hereby given that the City of Steinbach intends to conduct the following Pesticide Control Programs during 2019. Efforts will be made to minimize the use of any pesticides. 

1. To control noxious weeds on road allowances, boulevards, in parks, green spaces, and cemeteries within the City of Steinbach. 

The herbicides to be used include: 
Par 3 

2. To control the following insect pests including elm bark beetles, cankerworms, rodents, mosquito larvae and mosquitoes within the City of Steinbach. 

The pesticides to be used may include: 

Foray (Bacillus thuringiensis)
Dipel (Bacillus thuringiensis)
Pyrate or Pyrinex
Contrac Blox

The proposed dates of application for these programs will be from April 1, 2019 – October 31, 2019. 

Any person may, within 15 days after the notice is published, send a written submission to the department below, regarding the control program or register with the department their written objection to the SPECIFIC control program(s) next to their properties. 

Environmental Approvals Branch
Manitoba Sustainable Development
1007 Century Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3H 0W4

Weed Control Notice for Property Owners

Public notice is hereby given by the City of Steinbach, that weed control is the responsibility of the property owner, agent or occupant (sec. 3, Noxious Weeds Act). 

This is the Official Notice for 2019 to destroy all weeds as often as necessary to prevent growth, scattering, and ripening of the weeds and weed seeds (sec. 20, Noxious Weeds Act), in the City of Steinbach. 

If weeds are not destroyed, the City of Steinbach may enter the land/property and destroy weeds (sec. 19, Noxious Weeds Act), and charge the cost of weed control to the property owner through the tax rolls (sec. 27, Noxious Weeds Act). 

The City of Steinbach will make a systematic inspection and will enforce weed control. Any information on specific locations where weeds are flourishing should be brought to the attention of the City of Steinbach by phoning 204.346.6561 or by e-mail to  

Dutch Elm Disease

A single piece of firewood can destroy millions of trees.  It might seem difficult to imagine, but something as simple as bringing your own firewood when you travel to or from your favourite campsite could threaten and destroy thousands, even millions, of trees. Transportation of firewood is a common way for invasive species to spread. Hidden under the bark where you can't see them, these posts are moved across Canada.  

Stored Elm wood is a breeding ground for Elm Bark Beetles. Dutch Elm Disease is a fungus carried by these beetles. For this reason, it is illegal to store or transport Elm wood in Manitoba. All stored Elm wood spreads Dutch Elm disease by breeding Elm Bark Beetles.

The City of Steinbach sprays all Elm trees every other year in late August/early September to help prevent Dutch Elm Disease.  This includes trees on private property. The trees were last sprayed in September 2018, and are scheduled for basal spraying again in late August or early September 2020.

If you have stored Elm wood, please bring it directly to the Steinbach Landfill at 104 Hanover Road E. for proper disposal. 

For more information, contact Manitoba Conservation at 204.945.7866 or toll free at 1-866-626-4862 or visit