City Hall

City Hall is the headquarters for Administration and City Council.

City Administration communicates and carries out activities in support of City Council’s vision.
This includes Human Resources, Financial Planning and Accessibility.

Mayor Earl Funk

Contact Info

Steinbach City Hall
225 Reimer Avenue
Steinbach, MB  R5G 2J1
(204) 346-6234 (office) 
(204) 392-4240 (cell)

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City council is an elected legislative body with the authority to pass municipal by-laws and budgets, make appropriations, and set local tax rates. They are also responsible for setting the vision and strategic priorities for the City. 

Six council members and the Mayor are all elected at large for four-year terms. The Mayor also has a duty to provide leadership and direction to the council and to act as its head during deliberations. Council elections are held every four years.

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By-Laws and Taxes

By-laws are put in place by the City for a number of reasons including public safety, community values, and City accountability. 

Property tax revenue is used by the City to fund important programs and services in the community such as road repairs, waste collection, and recreation as well as building and maintaining infrastructure.  

By-LawsProperty Taxes

Planning for the future is important.  The City works to ensure land, facilities and infrastructure are in place to meet current needs and accommodate future growth. 

50 Year Growth StudyCapital ProjectsOfficial Community Plan Honourary Street Name Policy