Business & Development

A community with great returns

Economic Hub

Steinbach is one of the fastest growing cities in Manitoba with a vibrant business community and a wealth of locally generated economic activity.  As the hub of economic activities in southeastern Manitoba, Steinbach is the regional shopping and service centre and agriculture supply centre for a large area. 

The City works to ensure land, facilities, and infrastructure are in place to meet current needs and accommodate future growth. This cultivates an environment that promotes an entrepreneurial spirit and sets the foundation for plans to become reality.

Business owners in Steinbach enjoy the benefits of both a large consumer base and a strong local economy. People from surrounding communities as well as those who live in the area like to take advantage of the City's shops and services... plus, Steinbach's population continues to grow!  For this reason, merchants are privileged to enjoy the business of diverse customer groups.  All of these factors provide for rapid and long-term economic growth.

Steinbach's dedication to excellence is invaluable when it comes to our industrial sector. Given our large, available workforce, and the benefit of a strong work ethic in the community, success in manufacturing and processing operations is guaranteed. This success is further assured by favourable tax rates, close proximity to several markets, and access to reliable shipping and transportation. For all of these reasons and more, many companies have chosen Steinbach to either begin or continue their success in national and international markets.

If you are interested in more information about developing in Steinbach contact:

Troy Warkentin, City Manager