Home Based Businesses

A home based business is the operation of a business/service from the home or accessory building that is incidental to the primary residential use of the premises.  A home based business allows for incidental business to take place in the home under criteria established by City bylaw. Home businesses must be in keeping with the general residential character of the neighborhood by avoiding excessive traffic generation, parking problems, noise, or other impacts. 

The proper place for performing business activities is in a commercial district. A limited number of occupations are permitted as home occupations, and shall conform with the following conditions:

  1. All home-based businesses must be operated in accordance with all plans and documents approved as part of the application;
  2. The operators of the home-based business must be residents of the dwelling unit;
  3. A home-based business may have only one non-resident employee permitted in any residence;
  4. More than one home-based business per dwelling may be permitted provided that all applicable regulations are satisfied;
  5. An accessory structure may be used for conducting a home-based business, provided that the structure complies with all other requirements of the City's Zoning By-Law 2055.
  6. The cumulative size of all home-based businesses within a dwelling unit or accessory building must not exceed 25 prercent of the total gross floor area of the dwelling unit and accessory building or 800 square feet, whichever is less;
  7. Work or activity must be conducted entirely within the residential building;
  8. No home-based businesses may have any outdoor storage of any items related to the business, including without limitation, material, inventory, or equipment, unless such items are stored in an enclosed accessory building meeting the requirements of the City's Zoning By-Law 2055;
  9. There must be no exterior indication of the existence of the home-based business, and no indoor display of the business visible form the outside, except that a home-based business may have one non-illuminated identificaiton sign not exceeding four square feet in area;
  10. Retail sales on the premises must be limited to those articles produced or incidental to the service provided by the home-based business;
  11. A home-based business may provide instructional classes for not more than four pupils at a time;

Failure to comply with the above guidelines may result in the business licence being revoked.

Zoning By-Law 2055 is available for public viewing at Steinbach City Hall during regular business hours or by clicking here.

Procedure:  In order to apply for a Home Based Business Licence, you will need to fill out an application and remit the appropriate fee. This application is available at City Hall, by mail, e-mail, or by clicking the link below.

Licences are issued for the calendar year.


  • Home Based Business - $100.00/year 
  • Businesses requiring a licence after September 1 will be charged 50% of the fee.

For more information, call 204-346-6522 or e-mail justina.gell@steinbach.ca

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