Emergency Preparedness

City of Steinbach Emergency Plan

The City of Steinbach first adopted an "Emergency Plan" in 1989, together with the R.M. of Hanover.  The Emergency Plan covers emergency situations such as hazardous product fires & spills, explosive hazards, dangerous goods, winter storm hazards, and severe summer storms.

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Citizens' Emergency Quick Reference Guide72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Guide  Seniors Emergency Preparedness Info Guide


Social Media

Facebook Twitter

Facebook users can join the Steinbach Emergency Preparedness page for information on various emergency situations and how to be prepared. During an emergency, relevant information and updates will be posted to the City of Steinbach website and all City of Steinbach social media channels with links to other pertinent sources of information.

Twitter users follow @CityofSteinbach to receive future alerts regarding emergency situations for Steinbach.

Emergency Operations Centre 

The City has developed an Emergency Operations Centre as part of the Steinbach Fire Hall.

The City of Steinbach has an Emergency Operations Centre Team of 16 people.  The Team is responsible for implementing the Emergency Plan to prevent or limit the loss of life, harm or damage to the safety, health or welfare of people, damage to property or the environment when an emergency grows beyond the day to day emergency situations normally handled by the Fire Department, Police, Ambulance and/or Public Works.  Regular training and excercises are held to test and enhance the emergency plan and our response. 

If you are interested in volunteering on the Emergency Operations Centre Team, please contact City Hall at 225 Reimer Avenue, 204-326-9877.

Other Resources

Are you and your family prepared for an emergency?

Click here for a list of safety tips to help get you prepared or click the link below to view more resources. 

For more information on Emergency Preparedness, go to www.getprepared.gc.ca or visit their Index of Emergency Situations.

Resident Emergency Preparedness