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Steinbach Fire Department

The City of Steinbach has always prided itself on having a dedicated and efficient fire department. With well over 40 highly trained fire fighters and state-of-the-art equipment, the City can rely on its excellent fire protection. The result of these services is a city with a very high safety and security rating. The Steinbach Fire Department is a paid-on-call department, meaning firefighters are paid only for the fire calls and training that they attend. The fire department attends over 300 incidents annually.

Fire Chief, Kelvin Toews 


Annual Call Volume Reports
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The Fire Hall

The Steinbach Fire Hall is located at 477 Main Street.  Features of the Fire Hall include a large apparatus bay with room for fleet expansion, and a classroom which will also function as the EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) Centre in an emergency situation. One of the key features of the fire hall is its tower which contains a hose drying rack (operated by a power winch), a staircase, and a fire stand pipe used for training purposes. 

Fire Prevention

The Steinbach Fire Department runs a fire prevention program that targets elementary school aged children in Steinbach. Every fall, approximately 500 students tour the Steinbach Fire Hall and get educated on the importance of fire safety and prevention. 

The Fire Department also hosts the community at its an annual Fire Hall open house, the second week of October, coinciding each year with National Fire Prevention Week.

The Fire Department encourages all citizens to have an up-to-date home fire escape plan, and to practice it regularly.

How to Make a Home Fire Escape Plan

Burning By-Law

In addition to prohibiting flying lanterns within Steinbach and outlining fines for false alarms, the Burning By-Law also covers rules for open-air fires, burn permits, as well as the three-stage Fire Danger Index used by the city to identify the fire risk and set fire restrictions.

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Fire Inspections

The Province of Manitoba has mandated regular Fire and Life Safety Inspections be completed for specific occupancies. In Steinbach, the Fire Department performs these inspections. Although not all occupanies are required to have regular inspections, the Manitoba Fire Code applies to all exisiting and new buildings and facilities, as well as building construction, renovation or demolition sites.  It is the responsibility of the building owner to ensure that the building and operations within are code compliant.

Occupancies Requiring Fire Inspections

The Manitoba Fire Code also requires that any building requiring a fire alarm system, must have a Fire Safety Plan. There are specific items that are required as part of the plan. To learn more, click on the below links.

Fire Safety Plan Guidelines
Fire Safety Plan Sample

Firefighter Recruitment

The Steinbach Fire Department is not currently accepting applications. 


Below are some of the common questions asked by prospective firefighters.  

What do I need to know about the Steinbach Fire Department? 
The Steinbach Fire Department is a paid-on-call department. This means we are paid only for fire calls and training that we attend. We are NOT a full-time department. The Steinbach Fire Department responds to about 300 calls per year.

What can I expect? 
During the first 12 months, you will be expected to attend classes every Tuesday night. There will also be Saturday classes once per month during this period.  When the training period ends, you will be tested to the Manitoba Emergency Services College standards and, if successful, you will receive an IFSTA Level 1 Firefighter certificate. You will also receive training in first aid and CPR. The training is demanding and requires a great deal of commitment but in the end, once you have become a member of the firefighting family, you will find all of the hard work was worth it. 

Do I have to live in Steinbach to be a Steinbach Firefighter? 
No. You do not have to live in Steinbach to become a member of the Fire Department but it would definitely be an asset. A person living out of town would have a much slower response time to a call than a person living within city limits and as a result our hiring decisions will be weighted in favour of those who work and/or live in the city of Steinbach. 

What is expected of me?  
We are looking for enthusiastic people that possess a good work ethic and a willingness to learn. A solid, community-minded individual who can be trusted by their fellow firefighters and by the people they serve. 

How can I apply?

Family Guide - a guide for recruits and their famiies  
(A must read for anyone considering applying to the Fire Department)