Street, Road, & Sidewalk Maintenance

Street Maintenance

The Public Works Department maintains City street surfaces. Every year, a number of City streets undergo routine maintenance as part of the City's pavement management program. 

Asphalt pavement patching is carried out in spring, summer and fall seasons. Street crack filling is carried out on various roads to extend the life of the asphalt surface. Sealing the cracks helps prevent moisture infiltration under the asphalt and extending the life of the asphalt.  When water infiltrates cracks in the spring, it leads to freezing and expansion, which eventually leads to a pothole.

Gravel roads and backlanes are graded and gravel is added as required.  A dust control suppressant is applied to high traffic gravel roads when traffic volumes meet specific criteria. 

Requests for street repairs and maintenance or concerns about specific maintenance projects should be forwarded to the Public Works Department. 

Contact the Public Works Department

Snow and Ice Control

The Public Works Department is responsible for snow and ice control on City streets and sidewalks. Accumulated snow will be cleared from streets and sidewalks as needed and as soon as possible after significant snowfall events.  Sanding and salting of streets and sidewalks will occur as conditions warrant. 

Residents are required to keep parked vehicles off of all City streets after significant snowfall events until such time that streets can be cleared.  

During the initial snow plowing that follows any snowfall, if windrow heights warrant, driveway windrows will also be cleared. Otherwise, property owners are responsible to clear snow windrows from driveways as street clearing operations are in progress. 

Please Note: The ridge of snow left across driveways resulting from the clearing of sidewalks is not cleared by City crews. 

Snow on a commercial property must be removed from the site or stored on the property. Pushing or depositing snow from private or commercial property onto public roadways or right-of-ways is not allowed.

Icy road, intersection or sidewalk conditions should be reported to the Public Works Department which will then take appropriate action.

Street Sweeping

The Public Works Department is responsible for general sweeping of City streets. Each spring, from mid-April to the end of May, streets and boulevards are swept to remove winter sand buildup and litter. 

The cleanup of broken glass and debris from accidents is the responsibility of the vehicle operator involved or the operator that tows the vehicle(s). 

The cleanup of mud and gravel from construction is the responsibility of the contractor(s) and developer(s).

Requests for street sweeping should be directed to the Public Works Department which will then take action as required.

Sidewalk and Curb Repairs

The public sidewalks on street right-of-ways and in Steinbach parks are maintained by the City.  Driveways that cross the sidewalk are the responsibility of the property owner. 

Residents wishing to report broken or deteriorated sidewalks or curbs can contact the Public Works Department. 

Debris in Roadways

Major items of debris in streets and roadways that are obstructing traffic or creating a dangerous situation will be removed by the Public Works Department.  

The City is responsible for clean up and removal of downed tree limbs and other debris from major storms only when the tree is located on City property or right-of-way. Privately-owned trees which fall into the street will be pushed out of the street by Public Works Department personnel in order to allow traffic to flow. For removal/disposal of private trees, please look in the Yellow Pages under Tree Service. 

Debris in streets and roadways should be reported to the Public Works Department which will take appropriate action to clear the obstruction.  For after-hours emergencies, contact the local RCMP detachment dispatcher at 204.326.1234.