Lesson Information

Swimming Lessons Are For Life...The Lifesaving Society is Canada's Lifeguarding expert. The Society works to prevent drowning and water-related injury through its training programs.

Swimming Lesson Level Information

Please check your children's progress report for the recommended enrollment level for your child. Aquatic Centre staff will be happy to evaluate your child for proper level placement, at no charge.

In Parent & Tot 1 (ages 4 to 12 months), Parent & Tot 2 (ages 12 to 24 months), and Parent & Tot 3 (ages 24 to 36 months), the parent or caregiver will participate in the classes together with their child.  Progression is based on participation and age.

Preschool 1 (ages 36 months to 5 years) provides a transition where parents gradually leave their preschooler with the Instructor.  Progression is based on skill evaluation.
Preschool 2 to 5 (all levels - ages 3 to 5 years) are un-parented – the children will be with the Instructor at all times.  Progression is based on skill evaluation. 

Swim For Life Swimmer/Swim Patrol Program is a 7-level program for ages 6 and up.

This program for school aged children will help swimmers develop swimming strokes (front and back crawl, breaststroke), actively learn how to be safe around the water, and increase their fitness and endurance through fun activities. Children will be challenged with age-appropriate fitness drills and timed swims.

Please refer to the below chart for transition information from Red Cross to Swim For Life. 

Conversion Chart

Adult 1
Adult 1 is designed for teens and adults who have had little to no experience with the water.  You'll work towards a 10-15 m swim on your front and back. You'll do jump entries from the side and recover an object from the bottom in chest-deep water. Improve your fitness and your flutter kick with 4 x 9-12 m interval training.  45 minutes; 1 instructor: 6 students

Adult 2 & 3
Adult 2 & 3 are designed for teens and adults who are comfortable in the water.

In Adult 2, you’ll be working on two interval training workouts of 4 x 25 m kicking and front or back crawl. You'll be able to perform dive entries and demonstrate breaststroke arms and breathing over 10-15 m, and you'll be supporting yourself at the surface for 1-2 minutes. 45 minutes; 1 instructor: 6 students

In Adult 3, you'll learn eggbeater, stride entries and compact jumps. You'll be doing a 300 m workout and sprinting 25-50 m. You'll master your front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. 45 minutes, 1 instructor: 6 students.

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Before Your Lessons...

Please go over the following before bringing your child to swimming lessons to ensure there are no misunderstandings or delays once you arrive. Thank you!

  • Double-check your receipt to ensure that your child has been registered for the correct level and time.
  • Bring any questions or concerns about lessons immediately to the attention of a Deck Supervisor, so we can address it in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that your child does not eat immediately prior to swimming.  A ½ hour break between a light meal and swimming or a 1-hour break between a large meal and swimming is strongly recommended.  Also, please ensure that your child goes to the bathroom prior to attending swimming classes.
  • Children 11 and under must have adult supervision while in the facility. This includes children waiting for lessons. An adult participating in lessons does not qualify for supervision of children in the lobby.
  • Maximum class numbers are strictly adhered to; once a class is full no exceptions will be made.
  • We strongly encourage parents to bring their child to public swim and practice several times throughout the session. Each student will receive a progress report which will detail items in their level.