The City of Steinbach experienced a temporary equipment malfunction at its Lift Station #2 on Loewen Boulevard back in August. Currently, the City’s consultants continue to investigate this incident to determine the possible cause. As the investigation continues, affected property owners or tenants are being asked to share details of their clean up and restoration costs with the City’s claims adjusters to confirm which properties were affected. Owners or tenants who were affected will be contacted once the investigation process is complete.

Affected owners or tenants who experienced sewer backup and have already reached out to the City will be contacted directly by its claim adjusters, and those who have not yet done so are asked to contact Adam Thiessen, Corporate Services Manager at or by phone at 204-346-6530 to provide their contact information.

Currently, Lift Station #2 is operating normally. Steinbach has a total of six lift stations, responsible for pumping wastewater to the city’s wastewater lagoon facility for treatment.

The City’s water supply is a separate system and therefore water quality was not impacted by this event in any way.