City Administration communicates and carries out activities in support of City Council’s vision.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services develops, coordinates, and implements broad organization-wide systems and procedures by coordinating with the various operating departments. Corporate Services also manages human and financial resources defined by the budgetary process and determines priorities to ensure consistent, quality customer service is maintained for residents. 


Finance is responsible for all financial operations of the City ensuring that statutory requirements consistent with established and generally accepted accounting and auditing procedures are met. The department also co-ordinates information technology, communication plans, property taxation, long range financial planning, debt financing, budget and capital improvement programs for the City. 

2024 Financial Plan Presentation  2024 Financial Plan

2023 Steinbach Financial Statement

Human Resources

Performs administrative and accounting duties relating to the payroll and human resources systems of the City to ensure legislative and financial compliance relating to salary, benefits and employee information.

Careers with the City


The City of Steinbach exists to serve all residents. We work to accommodate accessibility barriers in the delivery of all city programs and services while maintaining the independence of individuals.
To contact the City about accessiblity please email or complete the form below.

City of Steinbach Accessiblity Plan

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