Walking and Biking

The City has developed pathways for residents to enjoy whether walking, running, rollerblading, or biking.

Map of Steinbach Walking/Biking Paths

Steinbach's Heritage Walking Tour

Are you a visitor to the community or a new resident who wants to know more about Steinbach's history?  Our self-guided Heritage Walking Tour will provide you with hundreds of interesting historical facts about the pioneers who started this community and introduce you to some of the notable landmarks in Steinbach.

Download your copy of the Steinbach Heritage Walking Tour Map here.

Bike Safety Program 

City of Steinbach streets should be safe for all bicyclists and motorists.  In order to co-exist safely, mutual respect and understanding is needed between cyclists and motorists, as they share the same rights and responsibilities on public streets. 

The City of Steinbach has three types of bicycle signage, as part of its “Active Transportation Route” program: 

  1. “Share the Road” yellow signs along McKenzie Avenue and Loewen Boulevard - this signage alerts motorists to the presence of bicyclists and encourages cooperative behaviour. 
  2. Sharrow symbols painted on streets - this is a road lane marking that shows a stencil of a bicycle with two chevron markings above it, indicating the direction in which bicycle traffic should ride.
  3. Designated bike lane symbol painted on Hespeler Street N. - this decal indicates a designated lane for bicycles.