Spring road weight restrictions are placed on all streets to avoid damage during the spring thaw period. 

The timing of road weight restrictions in Steinbach corresponds with Provincial spring road restrictions. Currently, they are scheduled to be in effect starting Monday, March 11 at 6:00am. Road restriction signs will be clearly posted at affected road intersections. All roads restricted to 65% or 90% of axle load are classified as B1 roads for the purpose of weight restriction calculations.

Click here to learn more about allowable axle weights.

Drivers and dispatchers are responsible for being aware of and following the restrictions that are in place. The City of Steinbach encourages drivers to view the road restrictions map before each trip to ensure compliance with By-Law 2164.

The City’s By-Law Enforcement Officer will be monitoring truck activity within Steinbach. Axle Load restrictions will be enforced and fines issued to violators accordingly.

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Road Weight Restrictions