What is Graffiti?

Graffiti is the name for images or lettering painted or marked in any manner on property without the consent of the property owner.  Graffiti is often regarded by others as unsightly and is an act of vandalism.

Impact on Our Community

  • Decreases aesthetic appeal
  • Costs time and money to remove
  • Harms property values and business revenue
  • Sends a message to visitiors and residents that we do not care and that we are not in control
  • Impacts the sense of safety and security for residents and visitors

Prevention Strategies

  • Large blank walls and fences attract graffiti. Some proven strategies include the following:
  • Landscaping practices that contribute to safety and security. This includes planting a hedge or shrub or hanging plants in front of fences and walls.
  • Use darker paint colors when painting walls and fencing and where possible use graffiti resistant materials.
  • Increase visibility at night with improved lighting or surveillance systems.

What can be done...

Property owners and the City of Steinbach can work together to help reduce and prevent graffiti in our community.

Contact City Staff
Remove graffiti from your property quickly.

Reduce the risk of graffiti damage to your property by making minimal changes to your property.