Illegal Dumping

The City of Steinbach, together with Manitoba Conservation, are working to enforce litter laws and issue charges to individuals who violate the Environment Act. 

What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal dumping occurs when unwanted waste is disposed of in undesirable locations, including: vacant or private properties, building sites, commercial garbage bins, parks, woods, bushes, roadsides, ditches, and waterways. 

From throwing out a hamburger wrapper on the highway to dumping personal garbage in a commercial waste bin, illegal dumping is wrong and needs to be reported and stopped. 

Improper Disposal 

Improper disposal refers to the disposal of garbage in or near the wrong receptacle. This includes throwing household or construction garbage into the dumpster of a business; dumping grass clippings or other yard waste into drainage ditches; or when garbage is dumped at a site not designated as a sanitary landfill. 

Yard Waste 

Disposing of yard and garden waste other than at the Steinbach Landfill facility or via the City’s compost depots is still illegal dumping. Inappropriate disposal of waste attracts other waste and illegal dumping encourages other similar activity. 


This means dropping waste on the ground or throwing waste out a vehicle window. 

How do I report illegal dumping in Steinbach?

Reporting a person dumping waste illegally: 

Record the date, time and location where the incident occurred. Include as many details as possible, such as the description of the violator(s), the vehicle that was used, license plate number, items that were disposed of, etc.

Contact City Staff