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Annual Oil Recycling Day - Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 9 am - 5 pm

For every 4 litres of used oil you bring to the Eco Centre at the Steinbach Landfill (max. 205 litres per vehicle), receive a coupon for 1 litre of Co-op Elite Motor Oil FREE (max. 5 coupons per vehicle)! 


Recycling Carts

Addresses in Steinbach that have residential curbside recycling collection services received a recycling cart in early December 2022. (Read the notice and FAQs here.)

Each recycling cart has a unique registration number and will be assigned to a specific property. If residents move, the cart must stay with the property. Residents are encouraged to take care of their new carts as the costs for broken or damaged or missing carts will be charged to the property due to negligence. All carts will remain the property of the City of Steinbach. 

Other blue bins, even those previously distributed by the City of Steinbach, are no longer being serviced. The City recommends that residents keep any other recycling bins they may have for alternative waste-keeping or storage purposes. Residents may also bring old bins to the landfill for safe disposal. 

What can I put in my cart for recycling?

Materials acceptable for recycling include:
 - newspaper/flyers
 - magazines
 - telephone directories
 - boxboard (i.e. cereal boxes)
 - pizza boxes (without food or excessive grease inside)
 - gable top cartons (i.e. milk cartons)
 - aseptic containers (i.e. juice boxes)
 - steel cans (i.e. soup cans)
 - aluminum cans
 - plastic (#1-5, #7)
 - glass containers/jars
 - cardboard               

Materials that cannot be recycled include:        
 - styrofoam
 - aluminum foil
 - plastic bags
 - gift wrap                                  

Compostable/organic materials should NOT be be placed in your recycling cart.  They can be brought to the landfill for composting.  

Please rinse out your containers before placing them in the blue box.

Household Hazardous Waste

Storing hazardous items in your home can be a fire hazard and dangerous to your family. Many items can be disposed of at our household hazardous waste depot open regular Landfill hours. Our depot recycles paint, cleaners, batteries, light bulbs, and automotive fluids. Click here for a complete list of accepted items. 

Wood Waste

Used wood from things like furniture and building construction is accepted at the landfill. A chipping machine is brought in regularly to reduce the wood pile to chips. Due to the various treatments that wood is exposed to, the chipped wood is not suitable for yard mulch, however it is used in active cell construction at the landfill itself. Wood waste should not be included in compost materials.

Eco Centre and Recycling

Used oil, used oil filters, and used plastic oil containers need to be disposed of properly so they can be recycled into useful products instead of threatening our environment.  Recycle your used oil, free of charge, at the Steinbach Eco Centre, located at the Steinbach Landfill site.  

A reminder that used oil and tires can be recycled year round at the Steinbach Landfill's Eco Centre, located at 104 Hanover Road East.


Residential electronic waste or e-waste can be dropped off in-store at Staples* located at 190 Provincial Trunk Hwy 12 North or at Bristal Hauling, 405 Kuzenko St, in Niverville.

* Please note that Staples will not accept TVs larger than 32". 

RecycleMyElectronics.ca - StaplesBristal Hauling